Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Witches Brew"

Happy halloween! so, this was a bit of a disaster. it was way too late and the lighting in my apt sucks. i think i was a little too ambitious when it came to the design ( my nail beds are small so less is more) and i might have went a lil nuts with the glitter LOL. clean up was an epic fail , my fault not the polish. anywho  i decided i want to add my "fails" also because everyone has to start somewhere

i promise it looked better in person, the camera goes nuts with glitter and the flash didnt help :(

base color is sinful colors mezmerize ( a deep eggplant color , nothing like this picture )

so thats it, what do you think? be nice.... hahaha . i think im going to build one of those DIY light boxes since its way to cold to take pictures outside.
desgin was inspired by  arcadia nail art on youtube , love her designs.