Friday, October 12, 2012

First attempt at Halloween nail art ( practice)

today i have some Halloween nail art to share, this is my first attempt at anything Nail art and at any of the techniques ill show you , I'm not all that good at it so be nice LOL. i also have to say that my kittens got a hold of my finished wheel sooo..yea ...  these are just practice, i plan on doing full Mani's with each of there soon .OK , no more talky let see some (not so pretty) pix ;b


first we have my ghosts and dots , the dot nail would be an accent to the ghosts , the ghosts had red micro marbles for eyes but my boyfriend got curious and picked them off while it was wet LOL
on ghost nail : Orly liquid vinyl and white acrylic paint
polka dot nail: wet n wild mega shine-red,red and black  acrylic paint 

Next i have Blood splatter mixed with the "spun sugar technique" which is at the bottom of the right nail ( mix polish on a dish with a toothpick until it thickens and pull stings of polish up  and over the nail" this was really easy! i thinned the red polish w some remover and use one of those  inexpensive plastic art brush and tapped at the end till i was happy w the splatter, it seems easier then the straw splatter

base color: wet n wild mega last "private viewing"
splatter ( bright red) wet n wild "red red" and finger paints "Bauhaus burgundy" (dark red)

             Candy corn spun sugar fail  and framed sponged gradient ( not very creative w names , eh?) 

this one i like alot, i tried doing the spun sugar thingy again and failed so i just dragged the polish around w a toothpick , for the white i used watered down white acrylic paint ( can you believe i don't own a white polish!!) and the top coat smeared it, i still like it . it reminds me of the water color technique.

for the nail on the right i use a piece of couch cushion (LOL) and just stippled on orange and white over yellow and framed it all with gold holo hex glitter 
left nail, base color; wet n wild mega shine " sunny side up"
splatter: sinful colors pull over and white paint
right nail: base, sinful colors "pull over"
gradient: wet n wild " sunny side up" and white paint
glitter are from a nail art set 

                                                               Toxic glitter

this one was easy paint your base then draw the black drips

base: wet n wild fast dry "sagreena the teenage witch " and Orly  flash glam fx glitter "mermaid tales"
black paint for the drip 

                                                                       blingy web
not much to say here , the color is waaaay off
base china glaze "riveting"
web black paint and nail art glitters 

                                                                   Zombie flesh
another favorite , and super easy just sponge all your colors till your happy with the way it looks! btw this looks way better in person
Orly : decades of dysfunction
wet n wild ; wet cement , red red and ebony hates Chris
sinful colors: amethyst, leap flog, , pullover and envy
china glaze mahogany magic       
 and that's it, all of this was done with a tooth pick and a piece of an couch stuffing while my cats tried to steal my things lol . let me know what you think :)

*everything mentioned was purchased by me except for the couch stuffing  that was my mother in law lol