Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spolied By Wet n Wild " trust fund baby"

"trust fund baby"  is a glitter top coat. it has blue, gold and black hexes with pink squares all in a clear base.
You can build it up to semi-opaque coverage in 3-4 coats, i actually did 5 coats ;  there's a reason why they call me Lola Sparklez!! well... nobody actually calls me Lola Sparklez * sigh *  LOL 


one coat , no base coat  or top coat
(indoor light) 

 its pretty easy to apply i didn't have any problems with the glitter dragging to the tip 

two coats  no base coat  or top coat
(indoor light) 
three coats, no base coat or top coat
three coats + one coat of seche vite
the horrible bubbling you see is from the seche vite , im at the crappy part of the bottle and honestly i wont be repurchasing.

three coats + top coat
( shade) 
I wish i had some sunlight pix for you , but its been cloudy and rainy here (!!!)

Spoiled  by Wet n Wild polishes are exclusive to CVS and retail for $1.99 ( got mine on sale for .99 )
"Trust fund baby" was recently re promoted as a LE color in the Wet n Wild Sparks & Stripes Glitter Polish Collection 

*all products purchased by me ☺