Saturday, March 16, 2013

China Glaze : running in circles

Hey guys, todays post is short and sweet. Not sure if its going to work but lets try. 
I have both pix and a video of china glaze "running in circles" from the cirque collection. I couldn't capture the full beauty of it in the picture , so I decided we needed a lil sparkle cam action. 
I might do more of these if it works out, its very difficult to do this from my phone ( been at it for hours! Even with the help of my friend I still couldn't get it to work)

Running in circles is a gorgeous emerald green packed with light green and gold sparkles, and when I say packed I mean PACKED ! The shimmer gives it almost a duo chrome foiled look. 

Im in love, I have a soft spot for greens and this has to be one of my favorite, if not my #1 favorite, this is 2 easy coats and top coat

Below is the video, its dark and gloomy out so I had to use the flash on my phone. As much as it sparkles It still does not do this color justice.  

Go buy it now!

*running in circles was a gift from a very awesome fb friend, all opinions are my own