Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maya cosmetics

good morning! a few weeks ago won my first giveaway over at things i love at the moment, the prizes were 3 polishes from Maya cosmetics , these are my very first indies and now i finally understand everyones obsession! i do feel like a kid thats only allowed just 1 candy on halloween because i can't make online purchases! ( or any kind of  money spending LOL) *sad sad panda*   I'm so happy with the colors she chose as my prize. ill have swatches of these in the next few days , Ive been waiting for sunlight so you can see how pretty these are but we've had none ;(

here's some bottle shots for now  , enjoy the sparkly goodness ;)

left to right: its almost happy hour , hyperbole and it cant rain all the time

which one is your favorite? i'm a sucker for glitter... and Blue ... and jelly finishes lol i have to say hyperbole but i also it can't rain all the time,... and its almost happy hour has this gorgeous hidden shimmer
dont judge me , its polish we all know theres never just 1 favorite ;)

you can purchase Maya cosmetics here
*hyperbole will be available to purchase in january more info on her blog here

* yes there were free, i was not asked to review ect ect. i just like sharing pretty pictures ;)