Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maya cosmetics : "what kind of party?" swatches part 2

today i have a continuation of yesterdays post. i have more pictures of the "what kind of party?" collection which releases today. ill have more info on that at the bottom. now lets get to the pictures. i apologize for my hands appearing so red , theres a problem with the heat and its really cold in my apt LOL

first we have shindig, i chose to layer it over a navy blue ( orly: shockwave)

next we have gathering i chose to layer this over a deep eggplant shade ( wnw : disturibia )

and the last shade in this collection ( my personal favorite ) hootenanny. heres two coats no undies :)

and thats it! im keeping short and sweet this time you can check my previous post for a full review and description of the colors . im sorry for any messyness i ran out of polish remover lol also if you see any bald spots in the base colors, that was all me , rookie mistake of not letting my first coat of base color after applying the second coat of base color. 

im in love with these polishes and as i said before i had no problems with application with any of these .

you can purchase maya cosmetics here 
and heres a link to my previous post incase you missed it :)